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Brokerage, commission and service charges

Competitive, flexible, good value

Burrell is one of the last privately held broking firms in the country. We are not multinational or even national and we don’t outsource our scrip and settlement or portfolio services functions. Where there is less bureaucracy and complexity, there is more efficiency and less cost and we can pass the savings on to you with competitive brokerage rates and flexible pricing structures.

Some clients prefer the traditional model of paying brokerage only on transactions. Our preferred model, offered to our portfolio clients, is a lower brokerage rate plus a modest asset fee based on the portfolio’s value. With proper portfolio management and performance measurement, our clients see the bigger picture and better understand their portfolio and how it’s tracking. 

We find the traditional broking model of charging a commission based solely on buys and sells often results in too many buys and sells with little focus on performance of the portfolio overall; often a ‘hold’ recommendation can be more valuable. And by not trading unnecessarily, we further minimise our clients’ costs. Whichever way you look at it, your interests and Burrell’s are aligned: we are both looking for an increase in the value of your portfolio.

You’ll find once you get started with Burrell, like us you’ll tend to focus more on your returns and less on the costs involved.

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  • Portfolio services
  • Managed funds
  • Trading
  • International shares
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  • Superannuation and other platform advisor fees
  • Financial planning advisory
  • Scrip & settlement

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