Lynda Myers

Lynda Myers

Lynda Myers
Associate Director

Burrell recently celebrated Lynda Myer's 50th year with the firm. How times have changed. Lynda began at Burrell, typing up contract notes on an old manual typewriter. Since then, her experience has covered all areas of stockbroking from operating on the old trading floor, to scrips and settlements, compliance and client advice.

Lynda has seen the industry undergo many transformations over the decades including from manual to computer settlements in November of 1987. Upon reflection, there is at least one client Lynda has had a relationship with over the 50 year span of working for Burrell, not to discount the many more in between. Clients have relished her personalised touch and expert advice. Lynda has supported clients through varying stages of their investing lives, helping to weather the markets over years.

Lynda has many fond memories and shared experiences with clients, those in the industry and colleagues past and present. It would be remiss not to mention her mentor Tom Burrell and his tenacity to keep the doors open over lean years, whilst the business has fluctuated from 3 staff to over 40 today.

Lynda has played an integral part in the Burrell training program and advises: ‘It does not matter where you start in your working life, it’s what you do along the way’. She is confident the new group of trainees will succeed in taking Burrell into the future.

Today, Lynda continues to manage client portfolios, while overseeing and advising in other areas of the business. Lynda also carries the responsibility of Australian Stock Exchange Compliance Officer and the ASX Responsible Executive for Burrell’s Scrip and Settlements department. 

When asked what her best advice for a long and rewarding career is, Lynda says it’s to ‘Keep an open mind and go with the flow.’