Burrell 35

Burrell 35

Burrell 35

Benefit from a Professionally Managed Portfolio

The Burrell 35 is a separately managed account (SMA) that provides you with a professionally managed portfolio of shares. You are the beneficial owner of all underlying securities in your portfolio. It is transparent, flexible and provides some diversity within your portfolio.

Managing your own investment portfolio can be time-consuming and hard work: keeping on top of movements in the market, reading research reports and making decisions with an adviser. The Burrell 35 is designed for investors who are time poor or do not want the pressure of personal day to day involvement; or those simply happy to rely on Burrell’s market knowledge to undertake the stock selection. Enjoy the freedom and security of having a team of specialists do all the work for you.

Supervised by the Burrell Investment and Research Committee, the Burrell 35 comprises ~35 stock selections focused on the S&P ASX 200 index. The stock selections and their weightings are regularly reviewed.  With a minimum $5000 initial investment, you can make further contributions at any time.

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