Portfolio Service (PS)

Portfolio Service (PS)

Make the most of your portfolio

A portfolio service can make all the difference to your portfolio's success. It helps you make informed choices and keep up to date. And it helps us provide you with the most valuable advice and recommendation. A portfolio service will save you time and money, and in most cases the associated costs will be tax deductable.

Portfolio Service (PS)

Portfolio Service is Burrell's base-level service. We support you by providing comprehensive research services and information on the value of your portfolio. We contact you via email so you can capture opportunities as they arise.

If you are also a Burrell Top 20 Program client or an Acclaim superannuation client, we waive the research and information cost of this service.

Burrell's Portfolio Service supports you with:


  • An adviser can discuss and determine your investment portfolio strategy with you.
  • Review all investments including shares, term deposits, fixed interest securities, listed and unlisted property trusts and unlisted managed funds.

Reporting and administration

  • Where requested, send you an email detailing your portfolio valuation with Burrell (does not include corporate actions or unlisted investment transactions).
  • Send you each quarter the value of your portfolio based on CHESS.
  • Access your cash management account for investment moneys and dividends.
  • Deposit monthly or quarterly income payments to your bank (if required).
  • Liaise with registries to advise your tax file numbers.
  • Send you/your accountant a summary of transactions for the year including broking ledger and contract note listing.

Research and information

  • Provide you with our Burrell Desktop software that provides stock prices and indices, trades and turnover, charts and market depth, market activity, company news and dividends: with only a 20 minute delay.
  • Send you our monthly Burrell Bourse bulletin covering our Research Analyst’s Market View, the Adviser Watchlist, Company News & Updates, Burrell Blog, Yield News, and Fixed Interest Summary.
  • Send you our Daily Research Notes email covering Overnight News, Company Research, Market Insights, and Company Updates.
  • Send you Burrell Alert emails detailing opportunities arising from current market activity.
  • Provide you access to our regular Managing Director’s blog that presents an experienced and informed view of market happenings.
  • Provide ad hoc research as requested by you.
  • Invite you to our complimentary Burrell Briefings.

Other Burrell Portfolio Services

Burrell offers two other levels of portfolio service: Premium Portfolio Service, and Individually Managed Portfolio Service. Talk to us about which one suits you and your investment style. We'll also be happy to demonstrate our portfolio technology. Or there is always our Burrell Top 20 Program if you're just getting started.

Whatever portfolio service you subscribe to, you're always in control and you're not locked in. You can upgrade, downgrade or even cancel your portfolio service with one months written notice.

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