Individually Managed Portfolio (IMP) Service

Individually Managed Portfolio (IMP) Service

Sit back and let us do the hard work

Managing your own investment portfolio can be time-consuming and hard work: keeping on top of movements in the market, making decisions on your own and attending to all the paperwork. Burrell’s IMP service lets you build and grow your investment portfolio without the pressure of personal day-to-day involvement. Enjoy the freedom and security of having a team of specialists do all the work for you.

What is a Burrell Individually Managed Portfolio (IMP)?

An IMP is a Managed Discretionary Account, being an investment portfolio of shares and other assets held in an individual client’s name. It’s an investment tool that enables our team, on your behalf, to maximise returns, minimise capital losses and reduce risks.

Once we agree on your investment strategy, our team will manage your personal funds based on your individual agreed framework and tax position. You’ll still have direct ownership of your shares and you can be involved as much as you like.

How does it work?

  • Your IMP is tailored specifically to suit you. Whether you already have a portfolio or are just starting out, we first gain an understanding of your personal investment objectives. Then, your IMP adviser will work with you to create an investment strategy and will monitor and manage your portfolio according to its guidelines.

  • You have a team of experts building your portfolio. Your personal IMP adviser, along with a team of asset sector specialists, will manage your investment portfolio. Behind the scenes, our portfolio service team will handle all the day-to-day administration, paperwork, compliance, reporting and tax implications.

  • You capitalise on our ability to act smart on market opportunities. Timing is always important when investing. We’ll ensure you don’t miss buy or sell opportunities because you’re uncontactable. And you won’t have to wait for attractive entry prices - we look after that for you.

  • You won’t need to find time to stop and think. You can be assured your portfolio will be regularly reviewed, even at the highest level. Your IMP adviser will work with Burrell’s asset sector specialists and IMP Director, Chris Burrell, to review your portfolio monthly.
  • You are kept informed, and if you like, involved. You’ll have 24-hour online access to your current portfolio position, and you’ll receive all contract notes for shares bought and sold on your behalf. We send you Burrell’s Daily Research Notes each day if desired, the Burrell Bourse each month, plus an evaluation of your portfolio holdings and performance each quarter.
  • You are always in control. Your investments are registered in your name. All or part of your portfolio can be sold at any time and you’ll generally receive the proceeds of the sale within two days. And if you ever wish to take over the administration of your portfolio, just give us one months written notice.

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