How super is your superannuation?

What does your super mean to you? Security? A comfortable and well-deserved retirement? Or is it something you haven’t really thought about?

Your super is a very long-term investment for your retirement and generally the second largest asset owned by most Australians. Knowing how it works empowers you with greater control, confidence and positions you to make the most appropriate choices to suit your needs.

So, what does that money do while you’re working towards retirement? What many of us don't realise is that we have the power to treat our superannuation like any investment; an opportunity to prepare for our best financial future. And if we act early enough, we will have less to worry about the ever pressing question "how much is enough?"

With ever-changing legislation, Burrell can help, advising on making the most of current super concessions, incentives and rebates.As well, we advise on consolidating existing funds (as appropriate), contribution advice, reviewing your current super strategy, identifying the best vehicle to invest your funds, setting up an employee scheme, or establishing and advising on a SMSF.

We advise on all types of super funds: corporate (employee), industry funds, personal super and SMSFs. As a private firm, we are not aligned with product providers, so you can count on Burrell’s objective review, advice and recommendations.

We encourage our clients to adopt a super structure and platform that provides transparency, flexibility and control. From our experience, the more you ‘see’ your super, track its performance and have input, the more engaged you are likely to become and the more successful your super strategy will be in giving you the retirement income you want.

While the costs of running your superannuation are important to understand, they do not necessarily have the greatest impact on achieving your retirement goals. Burrell will work with you to identify and understand the cost of running your fund, including the many hidden costs which are not always obvious. Often the member fee is only a minor cost and your net returns are impacted by costs like platform or retail super fund costs, investment management costs and adviser costs, before you receive your return.


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