Portfolio Solutions

Portfolio Solutions

Tailored portfolio options

To be a successful investor, you need good information so you can make the right decisions.

And no matter how experienced you are, a guiding hand is always a good thing. Burrell’s professional portfolio service options can give you the support and guidance where you need it. Investment strategy, reporting and administration, and research and information become a whole lot easier. 

Burrell’s Portfolio Services 

Burrell offers three levels of portfolio service and we ask every advisory client to subscribe to one of them.

Why? Because it can make all the difference to your portfolio’s success. It helps keep you up to date and it helps you make informed decisions. It also helps us provide you with the most valuable advice and recommendations. A portfolio service will save you time and money, and usually your portfolio costs will be tax deductible. 

Whichever portfolio service option you decide on, you’re always in control and you’re not locked in. You can change or cancel your portfolio service with one month’s written notice. 

Option 1   Portfolio Service (PS)

This base level service provides you with comprehensive research services and regular information on your portfolio’s value. From our regular email communications, you can capture opportunities as they arise. 

Option 2   Premium Portfolio Service (PPS)

PPS is a complete solution to support your investment activities. It combines a client-focused PPS administration team to handle your administration and paperwork, a personal adviser to guide and support you, valuable research to inform you, and super-smart technology to enable you to make better decisions. 

There are cost benefits of PPS too, such as discounted brokerage fees. And with the efficient administration and paperless reports this service provides, you may also reduce your superannuation provider or accountant’s fees.

Option 3   Individually Managed Portfolio (IMP) Service 

IMP gives you all the benefits of our Premium Portfolio Service, with one major addition. You authorise Burrell to handle the implementation of the agreed investment strategy, stock selection and other investment decisions on your behalf. We provide the assurance and accountability that comes with expert personal portfolio management - we’ll aim to maximise your returns, minimise capital losses and reduce risks.

You’ll be kept up to date with comprehensive performance and tax reporting, and you can stay as involved as much as you like.

Option 4   Burrell Top 20 Program

The Burrell Top 20 Program is designed for investors who are starting out on the market and like the idea of exposure to Australian equities through a portfolio weighted towards large capitalisation stocks of blue chip companies. You hold the portfolio shares in your own name and receive dividends and franking credits. It is transparent, flexible and provides some diversity within your portfolio. 

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