Estate Administration

Estate Administration

Deceased Estates

Making complex simple

You have lost a loved one and you're taking the first steps to finalise their financial affairs. Where to start? You will know there are certain legal and regulatory requirements to be fulfilled, but what exactly? How best do you manage the financials?

The deceased may have been a Burrell client, you yourself may have a relationship with Burrell, or you may want to establish or renew a relationship with Burrell to help you sort the financial aspects of the deceased's estate. Regardless, you've come to the right place. We are not just stockbrokers. Burrell's wealth management expertise delivers real value by providing a holistic view to the financial affairs and tax implications of the deceased estate.

We can take you through the process step by step and de-mystify the process.

Step 1:    Making contact and locking shareholdings
Step 2:    Preparing the paperwork
Step 3:    Considering the options - so much more than just broking.

Throughout, we can work with existing brokers, financial planners, lawyers and/or accountants, but without any double-up by advisers or unnecessary costs.

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