Not For Profits (NFPs)

Not For Profits (NFPs)

Services for Not-For-Profits

Make your money work for you

Not for profit (NFP) organisations work hard to source funds, and then work just as hard to make those funds best support their operations and goals. Burrell’s unrivalled NFP model will help you make every dollar count. We’ll enable your organisation to work smarter, not harder, to improve your financial position and provide financially sound benefits to your members.

NFPs are evolving

NFPs have historically taken a conservative banking approach, running their cash through investment or cash management accounts. And with many NFPs not strategically separating their cashflow into short and long-term needs, they can find themselves left short.

However, NFPs are evolving. They're now asking "what's the best return and how can we put this money to better use?" NFPs are separating their cash into immediate cash flow working capital as well as long-term strategic reserve funds to dovetail into future projects. And they're making their money work for them by accessing a wider range of investments that provide a superior return for their organisation in the long run.

Interested? Burrell works with many NFPs - we can show you how.

How do we help?

Burrell’s NFP model has five elements and is designed to help your NFP organisation with its cash flow and investment needs. It seamlessly combines advisery, administration and compliance services to deliver real results for our NFP clients.

1.  A NFP wealth management approach based on solid financial planning principles. 
We work with you to establish your organisations' short and long-term needs, goals and preferences. We discuss your preferred split between your short-term working capital and your long-term strategic reserve. Some of the ways we can make the most of your short-term working capital fund include:

  • Pooling all surplus cash to attract greater rates of fixed interest on larger lump sums
  • Targeting fixed interest rates higher than the cash rate
  • Setting counterparty or fund limits to encourage diversification of fixed interest investments
  • Selecting a mix of fixed interest investments to further enhance the interest rate return above the cash rate
  • Taking a risk adjusted approach to help ensure funds are available when you need them.

Your long-term strategic reserve fund caters for your long-term expenses or future projects. Burrell works with you to ensure your investments deliver a better return in the long run. We consider your organisation’s risk analysis and assess whether your balance of asset allocation can include a broader mix of investments.

2.  Assurance and accountability that comes with expert personal portfolio management.
Burrell’s Individually Managed Portfolio (IMP) Service is an investment tool that allows us, on your NFP's behalf, to maximise returns, minimise capital losses and reduce risks.

Your personal IMP adviser, along with a team of asset sector specialists, will manage your organisations' investment portfolio. Behind the scenes, our portfolio service team will handle all the day-to-day administration, paperwork, compliance, reporting and tax implications.

This is a powerful service that in our opinion your bank’s investment approach can’t rival. Our approach gives you peace of mind, and you’ll enjoy the time savings as well as the results.

3. Transparent recording and reporting system and no administration.
Premium Portfolio Service (PPS) is a complete solution to support your NFP’s investment activities. It combines a client-focused PPS administration team to handle your administration and paperwork, and super-smart technology to give you all the information you need at your fingertips.

PPS also gives you access to Burrell’s full suite of research so you can keep informed and up-to-date. Plus, tax time becomes much easier. We send you or your accountant a fully prepared end of year statement on income and capital gains, and we can also proactively review your capital gains tax position throughout the year.

4. A secure, market competitive interest rate and seamless Money Market Deposit Account.
We recommend you open an account with DDH Graham – a Bank of Queensland product. An account with DDH Graham will provide bank security, market competitive interest rates and features that most cash management trusts don’t offer. It will link to your portfolio and shares account, and will facilitate automatic settlement of buy and sell transactions on their due date.


5.  The Burrell secret ingredient.
What is it that makes Burrell’s NFP model so well regarded by our NFP clients? It’s the secret ingredient – advisers and IMP caretakers, Chris Burrell and Wayne Matthews and portfolio service manager, Elaine Anderson. Together, they lead an impressive team who will provide your organisation with proven expertise, reliability, accessibility, communication and results.

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