Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

You're never too young to think about retirement

These days, Australians are looking forward to a longer and better future than ever before. People approaching retirement are healthier and wealthier than previous generations. An exciting prospect, but one that needs careful planning. And the earlier the better.

How do we help?

Retirement planning has become more like 'life planning', with many Australians continuing to work part-time and remain active. The challenge is how to successfully navigate your assets and investments to achieve a comfortable retirement income stream and a secure future.

The answer? Planning and effective wealth management, pre and post-retirement.

It's never too early to seek the advice of an experienced financial planner to help plan your retirement. In fact, when you consider the tax implications and complexities involved, it can be perilous to set yourself up for retirement without professional advice. 

Burrell's retirement specialists will undertake a complete review of your current financial position and investments. We'll clearly explain your options, convert your goals into a plan and break that plan down to achievable steps. As we are privately owned and operated, you can rest assured that we'll recommend solutions that benefit you, not us.

Burrell can help you:

  • Maximise your retirement savings while minimising risk
  • Identify investment and superannuation strategies you can put in place to achieve your retirement goals
  • Devise a realistic expenditure budget and an ongoing income stream
  • Optimise the tax implications of your retirement strategy and benefits from tax concessions
  • Improve your eligibility for valuable government benefits
  • Keep up to date with legislative changes and the latest strategies to make the most of your retirement
  • Consider estate planning strategies

In a nutshell, we'll help lead you to a better financial position and bring you peace of mind.

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