Tax Planning

Tax Planning

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Tax planning is an important element in formulating a tailored financial plan. It can deliver significant benefits in financial outcomes and risk management. Burrell can advise you on tax strategies to suit your situation.

What we do

A financial plan is unique to each individual and is likely to change in its scope and objectives throughout your working life and retirement.

In the early period of investing and accumulation, the principle taxes impacting your financial decisions are likely to be personal tax rates, franking credits and capital gains tax.

As your investment funds grow, alternative investment ownership structures, such as family trusts and investment companies, may offer you better outcomes. Superannuation also offers compelling tax advantages and will become an increasingly important consideration as you approach retirement.

You may also need to consider tax legislation surrounding asset protection and estate planning. These can have a significant impact in determining your financial strategies and outcomes.

The added complexity is that different strategies and investment structures attract different tax rules and regulations.

How do we help?

An effective financial planning process identifies financial strategies that attract a range of tax legislation, affecting both short and long-term outcomes. We can work with you to evaluate the core tax considerations of each financial strategy and help you obtain relevant advice from your tax agent before implementing them.

Burrell aims to minimise your tax and risk, and maximise your wealth by:

  • Conducting a comprehensive review of your overall financial needs and opportunities
  • Identifying and evaluating alternative financial strategies
  • Communicating with your tax agent to achieve the optimum result efficiently
  • Regularly reviewing your tax planning and, where necessary, fine-tuning strategies.

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