Burrell Smallcap, Midcap & Resources Trust

Burrell Smallcap, Midcap & Resources Trust

A smarter way to invest in the smallcap, midcap & resource sectors

The Burrell Smallcap, Midcap and Resources Trust (BSMaRT) is an Australian registered managed investment scheme that invests in an array of products which have sufficient smallcap, midcap or resource exposure.

For an individual investor, exposure to the smallcap, midcap or resource sector is often gained by investing in a limited number of domestic companies. This approach puts risk into a portfolio given the individual stock exposure. The Fund takes a portfolio approach to investing in what can be a difficult sector for the individual. A portfolio approach to investing reduces concentration risk through diversification.

Individual investors can have difficulty tracking company announcements and market movements in the small to midcap sector. BSMaRT has an active management style, which aims to add value in a sector that individuals can find difficult to manage. The Fund comprises 20 to 60 direct share holdings plus selected managed funds, trusts, exchange traded indexes and exchange traded funds.

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Financial Statement 30 June 2022

Financial Statement 30 June 2023

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Ask your Burrell Stockbroking & Wealth Management adviser if BSMaRT is right for you given your particular investment objectives, financial circumstances or needs. They can also assist with the paperwork to get your investment working for you faster.

You may invest with Burrell directly by filling out an application form, included in the BSMaRT Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). We strongly suggest you contact an investment adviser before proceeding.

Warning: This Fund is not suitable for investors seeking Capital Preservation, Capital Guaranteed returns, investors with a Low risk vs return profile, investors with a short term investment timeframe, or investors who require daily liquidity.


Please click below to download the BSMaRT PDS and related documents. In addition to reading the PDS, you should read the important information in the document entitled 'Additional Information to the PDS' before making a decision.

BSMaRT Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

Additional Information to the PDS

Target Market Determination - BSMART

This is general information only and is not intended to provide advice to any particular investor, nor take into account an individual's investment objectives, circumstances or needs. The value of an investment can rise and fall and past performance is not indicative of future performance. Decisions to acquire or continue to hold units in Burrell funds should only be made after considering the information contained in a current Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) available from Burrell. Applications to invest will only be accepted if made on the relevant application form. The Responsible Entity of the Burrell Smallcap, Midcap & Resources Fund is Burrell Securities Limited ABN 92 083 535 031 AFSL 381667.

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